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For more than eight successful years, we’ve been living the dream of an independent, owner-managed game developer and publisher.

A flat company hierarchy, direct contact to experts from every field and a high degree of automation are what make us highly efficient. Both our partners and our players benefit from this every day.

„It is not the employer who pays wages — he only handles the money. It is the product who pays the wages.“ - Henry Ford, 1863-1947

Shakes & Fidget wird 8 Jahre alt! Um das zu feiern veranstaltet der Entwickler ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem es eine Pilz-Statue aus purem Gold im Wert von 25.000 EUR zu gewinnen gibt! Verlost werden außerdem 25.000 Ingame-Pilze. Zeitgleich startet erstmals ein Speedserver, bei dem für einen Monat alles in highspeed abgeht.


Zeit für das nächste Update: Ende Mai wurde Shakes & Fidget um 50 brandneue Achievements erweitert! Ganz nebenbei wurden der Charakter-Screen und der Pet-Screen erneuert und eine Offerwall hinzugefügt.


Seit dem Shakes & Fidget Update vom 22. Februar hat der Schmied sein Quartier in der Stadt bezogen und bietet dort seine Dienste an.


Shakes & Fidget is now available in the HTML 5 Betaversion - playable without Flash! Part of this Shadowworld update is the new dungeon "Whirlwindstorm" with 1000 floors. In addition, waiting times in adventures can be skipped with the "hourglass of the impatient".


After the Shadowworld has brought new challenges to Shakes & Fidget fans, they now have the pets to help them - friendly fabulous creatures that draw their energy from the five elements of fire, water, earth, light and shadow. Once the various pets are tracked and strengthened, they can explore their own dungeons, measure their strength in the battle with adversaries, and even improve the skills of the players. The pets can be found as usual on all platforms.


Numerous enhancements give Shakes and Fidget fresh impetus since the update. With the Fortress the first strategy game aspect was integrated. In addition, there is a dungeon respectfully hinting on the perhaps most popular fantasy-series of our time. Among the other many innovations there is a completely new Wheel of Fortune in the style of "Doctor Parnassus" and an enlarged backpack. At the same time, the international game world "w3" started.


The new native Shakes and Fidget apps are in the stores! All improvements of the "new" Shakes and Fidget are contained. Thanks to a sophisticated crossplatform approach it no longer matters whether mobile or played on the PC and the optional facebook login makes starting easier than ever. We are ready for the big content update: The fortress!


On 23/06/2015 Shakes and Fidget celebrates 6th birthday. Reason enough to start the first international game world on that day. In this world, the first time players from around the world meet and compete against each other.


The revised version of Shakes and Fidget is completed and goes live on all game worlds! In addition to many technical improvements the game is graphically updated yet classic. Thus the first step into the future of Shakes and Fidget is made​​. The way is free for international game worlds, new Android and iOS apps and the big content update, the "fortress".


SoccerStar fans rejoice! The biggest soccer event of the year (well, after the World Cup) awaits you! We’ve opened the first international game world ( on time. For the first time ever, soccer fans from all over the world can now compete against each other in a single league. Werewolf and vampire fans in Bloodmoon can also enjoy their international game world now ( Have fun!


For the sixth year in a row, we were at Gamescom – and this time with a legendary party! In cooperation with NBC (yes, the TV network!) we also presented Shakes & Fidget – The Game in the consumer category.


The SoccerStar app for iPad is released on time for the soccer World Cup in Brazil.


Our fourth game – Tiny Island – will be the first game to be released cross-platform for browser and all mobile devices ever! The unique combination of role-playing elements and action puzzle game is something totally new.


Release of the Shakes & Fidget app for Windows Phone.


Mobile devices are improving and so is our app! We’re releasing the Shakes & Fidget app in HD for iPad.


No more living without Shakes & Fidget for iOS users! We are launching the app for Apple devices.


Playa Games conquers the mobile games market by launching the Shakes & Fidget app for Android!


Our third title – Bloodmoon – is available now and presents a new facet of Playa Games.


Only 18 months after launching our successful Shakes & Fidget game, we’re now publishing our second title: SoccerStar! SoccerStar has been developed in cooperation with Germany's number one soccer magazine "Kicker".


It only took six months for Shakes & Fidget to attract fans from all over the world and conquer international markets. The game currently has more than 45 million registered players in over 30 countries.


The two of them founded Hamburg-based company Playa Games in the summer of 2009. We’ve now been developing and publishing browser and mobile games under this name for five years.

In the same month, Playa Games released its first game – Shakes & Fidget – which becomes a really huge success.

The future founders of Playa Games – Jan Beuck and Martin Jaessing – already enjoy success in boxed games. Our history in this business has shaped our incredibly high standards for the quality of Playa Games' titles.

Playa Games
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As a member of the core team in Hamburg, you will enjoy the benefits of one of Germany's top ten gaming companies.



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For cooperation- and marketing requests, as well as for press inquiries, please mail us on info[at]

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Contact: heinrich[at]

If you need game support for Shakes & Fidget, SoccerGame or Bloodgame please use the support form on the respective game site. Please understand we can not offer telephone support.

Local Court Hamburg, HRB 109 725
Sales tax identification number: DE815081395
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