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Playa Games has been an established developer and operator of browser-based and mobile games in the German market since 2009. At our Hamburg headquarters, with a magnificent view of the Binnenalster, we passionately create and develop new ideas daily for our award-winning MMORPG Shakes & Fidget and for future games.

In addition, we take care of the huge community that has grown around Shakes & Fidget over the years. On our various social media channels, we provide important news, announce exciting Let's Play events, hold contests, supply players with codes, and much more.

Meet Playa

Meet Playa

Each and every one of us possesses specialized expertise in their own field. Experienced professionals and aspiring newcomers work hand in hand at our company. This combination of long-standing know-how and untamed adventurousness sets us apart—and makes us successful. If you see yourself in this spectrum, you're a perfect fit for us!



In the first three months of this year, we achieved the best results we have ever recorded for a first quarter.

2021 / 22

Restructuring of the LiveOps. Since the year 2020, the team has grown from 10 to 30 employees.


Playa Games achieves a record annual turnover of 17.5 million euros, and Thorsten Rohmann becomes the sole Managing Director of Playa Games.


The Swedish Stillfront Group acquires Playa Games in December.


Further collaborations with well-known content creators like Simon Unge, Fatty Pillow, Gimper, and Sneili Sneils follow.

2016 / 18

The Shakes & Fidget frontend is newly developed in Unity and is completely redesigned graphically in the process.


The backend of Shakes & Fidget is revised so that further updates can be implemented. For the first time, collaborations with influencers are established.


Thorsten Rohmann becomes COO.


Jan Beuck and Martin Jässing found Playa Games in Hamburg. The online role-playing game Shakes & Fidget is released.

Join Playa

Join our team and become a part of our success.

Whether as a Druid, Mage, Scout, Warrior, or Bard. Whether male, female, or non-binary. We look forward to your application and are excited to see what role you would like to play with us.

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