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Shakes & Fidget celebrates its 10th anniversary

Hamburg, 18.06.2018

The MMORPG Shakes & Fidget is celebrating its 10th birthday this week! RPG fans have been roaming the crazy fantasy world since 2009, cleaning up dark dungeons, forming guilds or building their own fortress. Developer Playa Games celebrates the anniversary of the cross-platform MMO with many special activities. In addition, the Remastered version will be available to all players on all platforms starting this week.

Shakes & Fidget Remastered
Two years ago, Playa Games started the ambitious project to completely modernizeShakes & Fidget . Not an easy task, since the online RPG is now available for many different platforms, including browsers, Steam, iOS, and Android. Now, for the game’s 10th birthday, the conversion to the Remastered version is complete. Starting this week, players on all platforms will be able to enjoy the overhauled game. This includes highresolution graphics, an intuitive and modern interface design, new hand-drawn graphics and the switch from Flash to WebGL and Unity Engine.

Birthday? Gifts!
In addition to the completed changeover, Shakes & Fidget is celebrating its anniversary with no less than 10 very special innovations and promotions: The new "Continuous Loop of Idols" dungeon lets players measure their skills against famous YouTubers. As an additional service, the Blacksmith now offers the reworking of epic items, giving them a whole new look. Hidden deep inside the mine, a very special item awaits adventurers: when found, the Holy Grail will display items still to be discovered for the Album of Meticulousness. To gain possession of the Grail, players must have reached level 85 and have at least 1,000 items in their album. Players can also earn 10 additional crazyachievements, grab 10 epic birthday items,

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About Shakes & Fidget
The multiplatform MMORPG Shakes & Fidget combines an ironic look at fantasy and RPG clichés with indepth RPG gameplay. With its guild system, humorous quests, PvP arena and customizable heroes, the cultcomic-book-style game has everything that MMO players desire. Shakes & Fidget is available to play by its 50 million registered players in 21 languages on Steam, in browsers, on iOS and Android devices.

About Playa Games GmbH
Playa Games is a Hamburg-based developer and publisher of high-quality online games. Founded in 2009, the company’s award-winning portfolio includes the online and mobile games Shakes & Fidget, Tiny Island, Kickerstar and Bloodmoon. Further information can be found at