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Playa Games Announces Flash2HTML5 Converter

Hamburg, 20.08.2016

Playa Games, developer and publisher of browser- and mobile games with over 60 million registrations worldwide, has announced an industry-wide unparalleled Flash to HTML5 converter.

“Flash is dead“, said Martin Jässing, the company’s CTO. “Leading manufacturers such as Google, Mozilla or Microsoft will banish Flash content from their browsers later this year. The future belongs to HTML5, which presented us - as a provider of Flash-based games – with quite a challenge. That is why we have used these past months intensively and have developed our very own converter.”

Even today, Flash-based online games are still widely available on the market and are the main source of income for many developers and publishers. If today’s Flash games stopped working from one day to the next, potential annual damages would result in over EUR 500 million in Europe alone.

“Our Flash to HTML5 converter represents an unsurpassed tool to prevent such damages,” said Thorsten Rohmann, COO at Playa Games. “Companies that want to continue operating their existing Flash-based products, will find it to be the most suitable option.”

The converter has been successfully applied to Playa Games’ own title Shakes and Fidget, the HTML5 version of the game is currently in beta testing. Interested developers and publishers will get the opportunity to take a look at the converter at Gamescom in Cologne.