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Wirecard takes over acquiring for Playa Games

München, 20.03.2018

Wirecard takes over acquiring for Playa Games, one of the largest online gaming companies in Germany

Aschheim (Munich). Wirecard, the global driver in innovation and digital financial services, takes over payment processing for the established German online gaming company Playa Games GmbH. For the game developer and operator of browser-based and mobile games, Wirecard assures the smooth operation of payment transactions and provides credit card acceptance and payment processing from a single source.

Thanks to the collaboration, Playa Games is now using classic payment methods such as credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) and Paysafe. In the future, the company will extend the payment portfolio with the payment methods Sofort Überweisung, direct debit and iDeal. Currently more than 50 million players of Shakes & Fidget, the gaming company's most successful game, are benefiting from the new payment modalities. The online game business continues to grow. According to a VuMA survey 2.1 million German game enthusiasts consume games daily in the online sector. Playing on the Internet is particularly popular among 35- to 49-year-olds. This age group makes up 30.2 percent of users of online games in Germany. According to Statista, sector sales should reach over 422 million Euros nationwide by 2021.

Thorsten Rohmann, COO of Playa Games says: "Our biggest aim in the online game sector is to provide our customers with the latest technology and guarantee the best service. Thanks to Wirecard, we have now achieved the next level in terms of payments."

"We are very excited about the cooperation with Playa Games. Consumers of online games are a demanding and, above all, growing target group. We are pleased to offer them first-rate and secure payment services," says Boris Bongartz, Head of Sales Digital Goods Sales at Wirecard.